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Long term conditions

Breastfeeding and medication for long-term conditions

When prescribing to breastfeeding women we need to be aware that some of the drug which she takes is likely to pass to the baby via breastmilk. The British National Formulary (BNF) is not always a...

SGLT2 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes: time to flozinate?

SGLT2 inhibitors, sometimes also referred to as ‘gliflozins’ or ‘flozins’ are an established class of medications, which are licensed for the treatment of (Table 1):.

Asthma reviews: an essential part of good care

Primary care nurses, therefore, face a major challenge of addressing a backlog of work created by the pandemic and at the same time ensuring that they meet Quality and Outcome Framework (QOF)...

Understanding COVID-19 in at-risk patients

Because COVID-19 is a new disease, there is still a huge amount to learn, and scientists are desperately trying to uncover many of the unknown elements. What is known is that there are a number of...

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