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Managing chronic kidney disease, diabetes and coronary artery disease

Whatever the cause of an individual’s CKD, there is a universal emphasis on HT control (Pugh et al, 2019); HT being both a cause and symptom of CKD. NICE (2021) guidance for blood pressure control is...

Insulin for diabetes: 100 years of therapy

During the summer of 1921, an unlikely team consisting of Frederick Banting, a newly established physician specialising in orthopaedics and a professor of physiology, and Charles Best, one of his lab...

Conversations of opportunity in diabetes care

Consultations in healthcare practice are often described as a science; the process of gathering and extracting information in a structured manner with the aim of arriving at a care planning...

Insulin safety: what is all the fuss about?

When a clinical decision is made to commence insulin therapy, the initial assessment and discussion with the person with diabetes is paramount, and using this framework will provide the reader with a...

The overtreatment of type 2 diabetes in frail older people

The Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes (ACCORD) study found that people with tighter glycaemic control (HbA1c <42 mmol/mol) had excessive mortality, particularly in those with multiple...

Managing diabetes in primary care during Ramadan

Vulnerable people with diabetes can be exempted from fasting during Ramadan (Table 1) (Muslim Council of Britain Diabetes Advisory Group and Diabetes UK, 2014). However, many Muslims with diabetes...

Exercise and pregnancy: information for practice nurses

The Department of Health (2011b) published the Start Active, Stay Active strategy, which mirrors the WHO (2010) global recommendations for physical activity. Recommendations state that adults should...

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