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Research Roundup

02 November 2022
Volume 33 · Issue 11


George Winter provides an overview of recently published articles that may be of interest to practice nurses. Should you wish to look at any of the papers in more detail, a full reference is provided.

Globally, 85% of cardiovascular disease deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes. This is cited by Wang et al (2022) who state that there is limited evidence on the relationship between a low-carbohydrate diet (LCD) and stroke risk. In this prospective Chinese investigation using data from the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study, Wang et al (2022) considered the association between low-carbohydrate diet and stroke among a population with relatively high carbohydrate intake. Almost 20 000 participants aged over 50 years without stroke history were included, with low-carbohydrate diet score calculated according to the percentage of energy from carbohydrate, protein and fat. During an average follow-up of 13 years, 1661 stroke events and deaths occurred, including 1255 ischaemic strokes. The researchers found that a moderate level of animal-based low-carbohydrate diet, but not plant-based low-carbohydrate diet, was associated with a lower risk of stroke; and that it is the animal-based protein and fat comprising the low-carbohydrate diet, rather than low-carbohydrate diet alone, that may play a key role in stroke incidence.

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