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22q11.2 Deletion syndrome: What nurses need to know

Dr Suzanne Kelleher is a consultant general paediatrician working at Ireland's largest acute paediatric hospital – Children's Health Ireland, Crumlin – and in 2017 she established the national 22qDS...

The link between nutrition and mental health

The body's microbiome comprises some 200 trillion (2 x 1014) organisms and Hoffmann (2023) explains that it is adversely affected by the consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) which lower the...

Health in 2040: What does the future hold for primary care?

Sam Feltham, Director of the Public Health Collaboration (PHC) Public Health Collaboration – a UK-registered charity dedicated to promoting a society where everyone enjoys good metabolic health, and...


Many health agencies, including the World Health Organisation, employ a ‘One Health’, intersectoral approach to address the challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). However, according to Lyall et...

Ketogenic: The Science of Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction in Human Health

Ketogenic is a collaborative venture and a work of scholarship from 62 eminent contributors from around the world, whose accumulated wisdom is presented in some 540 pages that include thousands of...

Exploring health care professionals’ experiences of supporting LGBTQ+ patients: a qualitative study

Eight HCPs were included (Table 2). The majority of participants were men (n=5; 62.5%). Most participants were consultant geriatricians (n=2; 25%). Seven participants were White British. Interviews...

Exploring the individual experiences of LGBT+ patients with general practice staff: an interview-based study

Six participants were included (Table 2): three gay men, two lesbians and one non-binary person, aged 21–77 years (mean=36 years, SD=20 years). Five participants were white; one was British...

Feasibility of adopting Minimum Education Standards for general practice nursing

Our ‘proof of concept’ test found that it was feasible to use Minimum Standards to review GPN courses collaboratively, assisted by a structured template and local facilitation. Stakeholders were in...

How safe are e-cigarettes for patients with COPD? A systematic review

This systematic review focused on identifying quantitative empirical research, providing numerical data detailing the effect of e-cigarette use on pulmonary health outcomes. The PICO model...

Unseen, unheard, undervalued: advancing research on registered nurses in primary care

Canada is a federal system wherein ten provinces and three territories have the responsibility to administer and deliver healthcare, including the licensing of health professionals (Deber, 2018).

Isolation and loneliness: pilot of a coffee morning hosted in a general practice

Social prescribing is a means of enabling GPs, nurses, and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services..

Investigating staff perceptions and experiences of telephone triage in general practice

The majority of research reviewed details the use of CDSS, employed in every nurse-led clinic in America and common-place in the Netherlands (Smits et al, 2017) and OOH services in the UK. These...

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