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Context is crucial: wading through public health information

Context is crucial when discussing the role of nicotine and its place in starting, and potentially ending, smoking. In England, smoking in adults has declined to 14.7% in 2019, but smoking still...

Who is left behind in cervical screening?

In the UK, there are approximately 13.9 million people with disability and 56% are women with impaired mobility (Department of Work and Pensions and Office for Disability Issues, 2014; Scope, 2019).

Infection control and technology in microbe-enriched environments

‘With microbe-enriched environments being the rule rather than the exception in healthcare, where patients and health professionals are in close proximity to each other, the possibility of...

Medical cannabis: prescribing and research developments

The recently published study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology has revealed that although cannabis does have some harmful effects on the areas of the brain involved in processing sensory and...

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