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Capturing the perspectives on treatment of chronic non-cancer pain using non-pharmacological approaches

Some patients with CNCP are treated with opioids amongst other adjuvant pharmacological therapies (BMA 2017, Appendix 1). However, it is commonly found that opioids are ineffective over time resulting...

Streptococcal infections (Strep A) in primary care settings

Infections caused by Strep A typically come in waves and in previous years outbreaks have occurred around March to April (McKechnie 2022). However, in December 2022, there was a reported increase in...

Identifying and managing osteoporosis: a role for nurses

The NICE quality standards cover priority areas in the management of osteoporosis in adults. (NICE 2017) The four quality statements will provide a framework for the remainder of this article:.

Malaria: an update for nurses in general practice

Endemicity and transmission patterns vary. Despite disruptions to prevention, diagnosis and treatment during the pandemic, countries largely averted further setbacks to malaria control with only...

How to complete a safe and effective contraceptive consultation

The FSRH have produced a service standard for record keeping in sexual and reproductive healthcare consultations (FSRH, 2019a). It recommends clear documentation of clinical history, assessment,...

Continuous glucose monitoring for type 1 diabetes

Technologies are available which now enable people with T1DM to quickly monitor and manage their blood glucose without frequent, painful, finger pricking (Leelarathna and Wilmot, 2018), providing...

Assessing and managing wound pain

Pain assessment should form part of the initial wound assessment, and there are many pain tools available. Nemeth et al (2003) reviewed the five most commonly used tools for measuring leg ulcer pain,...

Insights into what people think: being smart with advice on smoking

‘I don't care. I'm happy to be a smoker. It's my only outlet. I don't go out. I don't do anything else. I'm quite happy to be a smoker.’ Bluegrass/Social housing, Northern coastal town. Aged 35-44

Vaginal atrophy: what is it and how can it be treated?

The main symptoms of vaginal atrophy are vaginal dryness and irritation (Palacios et al, 2020; BMS, 2021). Table 2 shows the whole range of symptoms that can occur..

Cholesterol: how to measure and how to treat

Lipids are basically fats and are a heterogeneous group of substances that have a low solubility in water but are more readily soluble in a mixture of ethanol and chloroform (Durrington, 2007). Lipids...

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a global concern

NAFLD is an umbrella term used to describe a build-up of fat in the liver, known as steatosis. Fatty liver is the first stage of liver disease, whatever the underlying aetiology may be. In the early...

Asthma reviews: an essential part of good care

Primary care nurses, therefore, face a major challenge of addressing a backlog of work created by the pandemic and at the same time ensuring that they meet Quality and Outcome Framework (QOF)...

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