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Sarah Jane Palmer

Registered nurse and freelance writer, based at the Department of Work and Pensions as a disability analyst

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Flu season adds pressure to primary and acute care sectors as service demand soars

While the NHS faced, and continues to face, such pressures, it became clear that a number of trusts could not cope with increased demand, which was made worse by the shortage of social care services...

What compassion looks like to patients

Health Expectations journal published a study that examined what compassion ‘looks like’ to patients, citing how important compassion is in predicting positive patient and practitioner outcomes,...

Using motivational interviewing to improve health outcomes

Exercise is found by many researchers to have a positive effect on mood, self-esteem and other aspects of mental health, as well as a high impact on physical health and therefore the risk of long-term...

How to recognise and support someone with an eating disorder

The UK's leading charity for eating disorders, Beat, estimates that there are about 1.25 million people in the UK with an eating disorder, and 75% of those are women (Beat, 2022). They also commented...

New NICE draft guidance encourages less use of SSRIs for mild to moderate depression

This is an important move and on a personal level, I am in agreement, since experiencing the iatrogenic harms of medications I did not need. I was prescribed quetiapine by a community psychiatrist...

New guidance for ME and CFS to improve understanding of these largely misunderstood conditions

The recommendations noted that both ME and CFS have not been clearly defined. They highlighted a lack of pathological evidence of brain inflammation, meaning the use of ‘encephalitis’ is problematic....

Preventing skin tears among older adults in general practice

Skin tears can present a complex and chronic problem for an older patient with fragile skin, and can be very disabling, reducing quality of life dramatically in some cases. The right care is essential...

Understanding autism in nursing practice

I am a nurse, yet I have been diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder. Special interests are something that are more well known about with this condition. I have about 200 publications, as this is a...

Understanding skin infections in older adults

Hahnel et al (2017) investigated the prevalence of skin diseases in older nursing home residents while also exploring the possible associations of these with demographic and medical characteristics....

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