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Progress in general practice?

‘Practice Nursing provides nurses working in general practice with the tools to reach their full potential and deliver the best possible care to their patients. Our monthly journal informs and...

News Focus

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has confirmed the spring COVID-19 booster campaign will be rolled out. Boosters should be offered to:.

Malaria: an update for nurses in general practice

Endemicity and transmission patterns vary. Despite disruptions to prevention, diagnosis and treatment during the pandemic, countries largely averted further setbacks to malaria control with only...

Urinary tract infection in an older patient: a case study and review

Mrs M, an 87-year-old lady living in a nursing home, was referred to the community ANP by the senior carer. The presenting complaint was reported as dark, cloudy, foul-smelling urine, with new...

COPD: what GPNs need to know from the latest GOLD update

An updated definition of COPD is included in the guidelines, reflecting the symptoms (productive cough and breathlessness) that are linked to persistent, often progressive and non-fully reversible...

Vaccine-preventable food- and water-borne diseases

Poliomyelitis (Polio) is a viral infection that is potentially paralysing and mostly affects the under 5's. This disease is spread via the faecal-oral route and humans are the only natural known host...

Community and collaboration: a Parkinson's nurse shares her leading lights

This initiative is not new, but it works. It is proactive care, through collaboration with patients, their loved ones, and other specialist teams.

Breastfeeding and respiratory syncytial virus

Culturally embedded attitudes such as embarrassment about breastfeeding in public and adherence to deep-rooted societal norms can blunt the beneficial impact of public health initiatives on...

Bird flu: should we be concerned?

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) type A (H5N1) infections during the 2021–2022 epidemiological year have been the largest in European history, involving 37 countries; 2520 HPAI outbreaks in...

Research Roundup

Worldwide, the annual costs of mental health disorders are an estimated $2.5 trillion (USD), a sum which is projected to rise to $6 trillion by 2030. This is cited by Singh et al (2023), who note that...

Tools, guidance and key events for general practice nurses

The UKHSA has released information on the spring 2023 booster dose for eligible individuals. Paper copies are available free to pre-order, translated versions and alternative formats of this leaflet...

Managing chronic kidney disease, diabetes and coronary artery disease

Whatever the cause of an individual’s CKD, there is a universal emphasis on HT control (Pugh et al, 2019); HT being both a cause and symptom of CKD. NICE (2021) guidance for blood pressure control is...

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