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Gerri Mortimore

Senior lecturer in advanced practice, department of health and social care, University of Derby

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Urinary tract infection in an older patient: a case study and review

Mrs M, an 87-year-old lady living in a nursing home, was referred to the community ANP by the senior carer. The presenting complaint was reported as dark, cloudy, foul-smelling urine, with new...

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a global concern

NAFLD is an umbrella term used to describe a build-up of fat in the liver, known as steatosis. Fatty liver is the first stage of liver disease, whatever the underlying aetiology may be. In the early...

The past, present and future of advanced nursing practice

Historically, there has been confusion surrounding the level of academic attainment, skills acquisition, knowledge and role identity that defines advanced nursing practice. However, more recently,...

Acute onset low back pain leading to a diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome: a case study

CES is documented as a rare and challenging neurological condition to diagnose (Greenhalgh et al, 2018). It is defined by Zusman et al (2020) as a significant compression of the nerve roots in the...

Recognition and management of sepsis in the urgent care out of hours setting

Sepsis is a life-threatening and common condition prompted by a microbial infection that causes the immune system of the body to react robustly; failure to provide timely treatment could lead to death...

Bronchiolitis: treatment and management in an urgent out of hours care setting

Bronchiolitis is an acute inflammation of the bronchioles that predominately affects children under the age of two years, but most common in the first 12 months of life. Respiratory syncytial virus...

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