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Wound care

Preventing skin tears among older adults in general practice

Skin tears can present a complex and chronic problem for an older patient with fragile skin, and can be very disabling, reducing quality of life dramatically in some cases. The right care is essential...

Recurrent venous leg ulcers: management in general practice

Once the VLU has healed, the focus needs to be on the prevention of recurrence. However, despite the high recurrence rate and associated costs of treating open ulceration, current Commissioning for...

Periwound skin care considerations for older adults

In relation to changes that occur within the epidermis, proliferation of keratinocytes reduces leading to a slower rate of epidermal turnover (Farage et al, 2013). The main role of keratinocytes is to...

Interventions in infected venous leg ulceration in clinical practice

As venous leg ulcers often take several weeks or even months to heal, they are at risk of developing wound infections (Barrett, 2017; National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), 2019) In...

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