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Sexual health

Female sexual dysfunction: what the practice nurse needs to know

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) can affect women of any age and the causes are varied and complex. Perhaps the most widely adopted diagnostic criteria for female sexual dysfunction are contained in...

Sexual history taking in primary care

STIs still carry a degree of stigma in society and to enable a patient to feel free to disclose information to the health professional they need to be confident that their privacy will be respected....

Managing the side effects of contraception

Headache is a reported side effect of all hormonal methods of contraception, but is also very common in women of reproductive age, particularly those age >35 years old (Grossman Barr, 2010). Because...

Common questions on emergency and postcoital contraception

A systemic review of safety data (Jatlaoui et al, 2015) for adverse events relating to use of EC in healthy women concludes that such events are rare..

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