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Gastrointestinal health

Understanding constipation in adults

Prevalence rates for constipation are difficult to determine as it is likely that some of those affected may try self-help measures or over the counter (OTC) remedies and therefore never consult a...

Raising awareness: ‘but you don't look like you have a stoma…’

I have always been honest and open about my condition and my stoma, yet I have encountered many negative perceptions, bewildered and commiserative looks. I am not embarrassed or ashamed of my ostomy,...

Dysphagia: a guide for nurses in general practice

Dysphagia literally means difficulty eating or swallowing. Intact motor and nervous systems are essential to enable normal swallowing (Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists [RCSLT], 2014)....

Understanding bariatric surgery to support patients in primary care

Many factors are attributed to weight gain such as: excessive food intake; sedentary lifestyle; sleep patterns; socio-economic deprivation; medications such as steroids and insulin; depression;...

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