Clinical Articles

  • Managing atopic eczema in adults

    Managing atopic eczema in adults

    Jean Watkins (Feb 2015)

    Atopic eczema is common in children, but often resolves by adulthood. Jean Watkins discusses how to manage the condition in persistent cases.

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  • Reducing deaths from asthma

    Deborah Waddell (Feb 2015)

    The UK has one of the highest death rates from asthma in Europe. Deborah Waddell highlights the key findings of the National Review of Asthma Deaths and...

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  • Tackling FGM is everybody's business

    Carmel Bagness (Feb 2015)

    Female genital mutilation is harmful and illegal. Carmel Bagness discusses the practice nurse's responsibilities in identifying and supporting victims,...

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  • Vaccination uptake in pregnant women

    Helen Sisson (Feb 2015)

    Vaccination in pregnancy is safe and effective, but the rate of uptake is much lower than recommended. Helen Sisson encourages health professionals to...

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Diabetes Articles

  • Managing erectile dysfunction in diabetes

    Nasima Moussa, Marie C Hill, Anne Claydon, Alison Klufio (Feb 2015)

    Nasima Moussa, Marie C Hill, Anne Claydon and Alison Klufio examine the impact of erectile dysfunction on patients with diabetes and the importance of...

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Professional Articles

  • Minimizing breast cancer-related lymphoedema

    Juanita C Acebedo (Feb 2015)

    The advent of medical breakthroughs has made an impact on the treatment of breast cancer, the second most common type of cancer affecting women. However,...

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  • Bespoke CPD for practice nurses

    Sarah Crouch, Sonia Page, Toni Wright, Carrie Jackson (Feb 2015)

    Continuing professional development (CPD) for practice nurses is essential. In this article, a programme of bespoke CPD is discussed and evaluated.

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CAREER Articles

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News & Comment

  • Writing and learning

    Writing and learning

    Liam Benison (Feb 2015)

    Later this month, I will be attending the Health Education West Midlands General Practice Nurses Conference on 24-25 February. The programme looks excellent,...

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  • State of diabetes care

    State of diabetes care

    Margaret Stubbs (Feb 2015)

    Diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges we currently face. There are now 3.2 million people diagnosed with the condition in the UK and this is...

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  • Health and social care partnership improves lives

    Liam Benison (Feb 2015)

    The coordination of health and social care services in south London is helping older people to stay healthy and independent for longer. Liam Benison reports....

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